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Welcome to our blog.


Blogging seemed a weird idea to us at first because we don’t pretend to be experts in anything and it smacked of exhibitionism – never a negative for Chaz but a constant fear of Al’s.

Airing it (I hope not) sporadically over the past year or so sometimes excited us, often made us cringe but regularly got us talking. Not that it takes much, though, we can happily while away an hour enthusiastically debating who feels the cold more.

Making it happen was the result of a few straw polls we inadvertently conducted on friends over tea and cake or kale and (quinoa) vodka.

Lately more and more people – from real life friends to passing acquaintances – seem to get in touch to ask us the same kind of questions about food and exercise, so we realised people actually wanted to hear what we had to say on the subjects. Surprising really, because we thought our views on such things would stay forever in the confines of our own private ramblings.

Questions like… What do you eat? Where do you find meat-free recipes? Any tips for losing weight? Where do you run? How did you get into it? Where on earth can I find buckwheat noodles? (Shout out to Jo) popped into our Facebook inboxes with such frequency we started to feel like it was our calling in life to become the North West’s answer to Goop.

We jest of course (we would never consciously uncouple). But the fact is we are naturally really lazy people, think Joey Tribbiani watching a rabbi play electric guitar because he can’t find the remote. So we decided to cover all bases and witter to our hearts’ content in one dedicated corner of cyberspace that people could choose to visit regularly or avoid like the plague.

And we are quite sure a good number of our Facebook mutuals who have hovered over the unfriend button at the sight of another kale salad will happily choose the latter option.

But here we are, happy reading… and please troll us using the various social media channels plastered all over the place (don’t really, we cry at anything).

Image taken by a very proud, aerobic-loving 1980s Sandy


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