Eating well – 5 changes to make now

For years we slapped on expensive make-up, saved up for nice clothes and perfumes and paid over the odds for fancy haircuts, yet when it came to eating we’d put any old sh!t into our bodies.


Eventually we got sick of pouring our bloated bellies into our skinny jeans, covering up bad skin with the makeup and wondering why our limp, lifeless hair didn’t stay nice for very long after the salon treatment.

Since starting this ‘journey’ we’ve both started thinking a lot more about food and what we’re actually putting into our bodies.

We LOVE food and eating is by far our favourite pastime. What changed recently is as well as how good food tastes we are increasingly interested in what it does to our bodies and how we feel after eating it.

There are lots of changes we’ve made (and we still eat a lot, and probably enjoy our food more than ever) – these are the first five you need to make:

1. Stop going fat free.


This is always a difficult one to get your head around as if you’re anything like me you will have spent the last few years avoiding calories like the plague. But guess what, they’re not the devil! Quite the opposite in fact.

I’m no scientist, but if calories and fat have been removed, something must have been put in to replace them for things to still taste good and in most cases it’s something unnatural and bad for you.

If our friend Terri can ditch the Diet Coke, I promise, anyone can.

2. Go wholemeal.

This one is easy and even my fast-food fanatic boyfriend prefers the taste of brown bread, rice and pasta. It’s so much better for you and it’s not a huge change to make, so if you’re looking to ease into healthy eating this is the first one to do.

3. Get cooking.


The best way to eat healthy meals that you will enjoy is to make it yourself.

Rather than getting a takeaway I like to make Naturally Sassy’s sweet potato korma and Deliciously Ella does some amazing sweet treats.

It also keeps you organised if you have a batch cooking day. We like to make as much as possible on a Sunday so that all meals are pre-prepared for the week and there is a constant supply of healthy fast food in the fridge to make mealtimes quick and easy.

4. Choose healthy alternatives.


Anyone who knows me knows that I was the cereal bar queen. Our friend Marie used to refer to me as Smashems because I was so obsessed with the eponymous weetabix cereal bars.

It turns out the sugar coated cereal goodness wasn’t what I was craving, it was just something to refuel and brighten up my morning.

Since switching to Nakd bars I still have a mid morning snack but feel so much better about eating something natural and healthy to see me through to lunch rather than getting a sugar rush then crashing later in the day.

See also: sweet potatoes for normal ones (so much nicer and better for you).

5. Drink water.


Lots of it. There are so many advantages to this. Get into the habit of asking for a glass with every meal or drink when you’re out, keep re-filling your bottle at work and always have a bottle in your bag.

Not only does it refresh you but it does amazing things for your skin, helps to reduce water retention (ironically it may seem) and stops you over-eating. If you’re not keen on the taste try adding some lemon or ginger in to give it some more flavour.

And if it makes you look like this, who’s complaining?

Images via Pinterest, Chaz’s Instagram @charliequeso or taken by us.


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