This month we’re…


1. Racing… to the tower for the Great North West half marathon in Blackpool – the first event in our 2015 race calendar and one we’re looking forward to completing with our mum, friend Rache and my workmate-turned-running buddy Lorraine.

2. Cooking… up a storm now we’ve finally got our mitts on the long-awaited Deliciously Ella cookbook (set to save us hours of iPhone battery time formerly spent poring over the app). It’s only £7.99 on Amazon at the mo and the recipes are refreshingly easy enough for even the laziest or most amateurish of cooks among us to master.

3. Wearing… our superfoods on our chests with this quinoa sweater from Suburban Riot – I bought Chaz the kale version for her 30th last year so I’ll be snapping up this version come payday.

4. Dining… at Gusto in Manchester for our friend Neraya’s birthday. In true King fashion we’ve been scrutinising the menu ridiculously ahead of time and they have a separate menu for health freaks… Slightly more modest selection for veggies – the subject of a separate post coming soon.

5.  Watching… Cucumber, Russell T. Davies’ hotly tipped new Channel 4 series. The perfect winter treat for anyone who (like us) spent their teens ogling sizzling scenes between Aiden Gillen and Charlie Hunnam in Queer As Folk (and wanted to be Nathan’s best mate Donna)

6. Sampling… cakes and culture at the newly revamped tearoom at The Whitaker, a museum and gallery in nearby Rawtenstall that came highly recommended by our friend Ka for its shrunken head exhibit (WTF?) and courgette cake – I mean, what more could you ask for?

7. Listening… to Desert Island Discs as we pound the pavements after delving into Radio 4’s archive of castaways to cope with the Serial withdrawal symptoms (did Adnan do it?? Source of much King debate).

8. Tossing… our own healthy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Still daydreaming about these protein pancakes with PB which gave me pretty debilitating food envy at Filmore & Union (a joint I thought had been created just for me) on a pre-Christmas jaunt to York. Loads of healthy recipes about, thinking maybe a buckwheat flour creation with loads of blueberries, Coyo and maple… Stay tuned.


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