Happy Mondays are made on Sundays!

monday again


We’re under no illusion that Monday morning will ever reach the dizzy heights of Friday afternoon but there are some key things you can do straight away that will guarantee Monday doesn’t live up to the bad reputation we’ve all given it and it all starts on Sunday.

1. Balance it out. If you have a complete blow out on Sunday you’ll feel tired and bloated on Monday. Similarly if you’ve deprived yourself of anything tasty you’ll start the week off craving something you denied yourself today. Go for a walk then have a pub lunch, have a run then reward yourself with cake or pour yourself a glass of wine with a healthy hearty tea. That way being healthy on Monday won’t be such a shock to the system.

2. Change your bed sheets. I’m always 100% happier once my bed sheets have been changed (and even happier if I’m not the one changing them but that’s so rare it’s hardly even worth mentioning) and it makes me more inclined to…

3. Get an early night. Even (or especially) if you struggle sleeping on a Sunday night. Light a candle, read a book and take a herbal tea (chamomile and lemon balm are good for sleeping) off to bed with you. You might not fall straight asleep but you need to give yourself time to switch off from the weekend – I WILL be doing this tonight and I will try my best not to get stuck into another OITNB marathon.

bed sheets

4. Treat yourself for Monday. Buy yourself a magazine and don’t let yourself read it until you’re back from work on Monday or get yourself some flowers when you’re doing the weekly shop then you’ll have something guilt-free to welcome you home.


5. Prepare for it. If you’ve read our batch cook post you might have cooked up a storm to set you up for the whole week already which is great. If you don’t have much time on your hands make sure you at least make your breakfast and lunch so you’re sorted on Monday. I’m always rushing around in the mornings so I even slice a lemon and some ginger or put a green teabag into a mug on Sunday night so all I have to do is put the kettle on and pour come Monday morning.

tea revives you

6. Make plans, big or small. You don’t have to book a holiday every Sunday (if only) but if you make plans to see a friend next weekend or go to the cinema midweek it gives you something to aim for rather than just reluctantly plodding through the week. We always have a Friday Fika (a Swedish word for a coffee, cake and catch up – much more succinct) with our mum to round up the week and it gives us something to look forward to throughout those dark midweek mornings.


7. Dust yourself off. If you fell off the wagon this weekend there’s no point berating yourself, just forget about it, move on and start afresh. If you’ve still got unhealthy snacks in the cupboard on Sunday that may tempt you when you come home on Monday put them in your bag now and take them into work on Monday to make sure they’re not at home when you get back.

8. Plan your outfit. I have a sign on my wardrobe which says “a good outfit makes me happy” (I’d like to say it was from Coco Chanel or Marilyn Monroe but I cut it out of a magazine interview with Nicola from Girls Aloud. It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been Sarah) and it’s so true. If I rush around on Monday morning and don’t have time to plan my outfit I will be in a bad mood all day. I rarely iron so refuse to spend hours doing it on a Sunday but getting an outfit out ready for the morning that I’m happy with and know I’ll feel good in makes my Monday much better.

good outfit

9. Have a hot bath. This is great for getting some time for yourself and shutting everyone else out, especially if you have kids, a particularly annoying partner (not mentioning any names…) or an attention seeking pet (sorry Bernard). This will help you with so many of the things on the list and it also really helps me on a practical level if my hair is washed on Sunday rather than faffing around with it on Monday morning. Give yourself a facemask or invest in a Clinique Sonic Brush for an at home facial (which our mum got us for Christmas and is amazing) and read a good book (The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, Before I Go To Sleep and The Killing trilogy are recent favourites of ours). You can also get bath salts or essential oils for specific aches and pains; we’re enjoying Radox muscle soak bath salts at the moment with our gruelling training schedule. 

10. Don’t stress. Easier said than done, but it’s so easy to waste Sunday worrying about Monday. I used to do this constantly; I may as well have volunteered to do an extra day at work for the enjoyment I used to get out of Sundays, but now it’s my favourite day of the week. Mainly because of ultra training I’ve started to feel like my weekend only starts at 11am on Sundays after my 2 big runs are out of the way, which has made me get the most out of my Sundays which in turn has made me worry less about the week ahead and actually start work happier on a Monday.

ok monday

Images via Pinterest or taken by us.


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