Queen B


Today is a special one for the original Kings and Greens creator. That’s right folks, it’s Sandy B’s birthday!

We won’t reveal the self-titled old trout’s age, though you are free to guess in the comments below and here’s a clue – there is a song to go with it. A detail that would have delighted her ex-mother-in-law, our grandma Miri who had a song for every occasion.

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Legendary in our family and friendship circles for her quick wit and the ability to whistle up a full scale buffet at a moment’s notice, Sandy is a hero of ours for many reasons and we will be sure to celebrate her big day in style as always.

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Running is, as you know, a big part of our lives now but our mum was the first to introduce it to us when she took it up at the age of 50.

A pretty brave thing to do at any age, she soon lost a couple of stones as she started clocking up mile after mile, winning the aforementioned first lady veteran home in her first 10k – much to our amusement at the title – and took part in a half marathon before long too.


Famously, Sandy dragged us quite literally kicking (me) and screaming (Chaz) on our first ever three mile run and regularly (read: daily) reminds us she is the original and best runner in the family. Chaz will fill you in on this maiden voyage in more detail in a future post but needless to say, my relationship with our mum has always had a tempestuous streak and this run was almost more of a test for us than the year I was grounded once a month, every month without fail for sneaking out to pubs under the guise of going ice skating (still a code for clandestine boozing in our family).

Talking of which – we have a what’s app group between the three of us which is generally used for picking on each other and organising our weekly Friday Fika (same time, same place every week yet for some reason this is a standing conversation topic). Until the other week, when San chose it as a forum to announce, unprompted, her favourite drinks of all time in list format.


The makings of a bestselling autobiography is it not?!

This month will see us tackle our first ever half marathon as a trio after Sandy was bitten by the racing bug once more in the Accrington 10k last October. Chaz has had her on a tight training schedule over the past few weeks ahead of the big race so stay tuned for updates on that.


Friends frequently spot her out on her daily morning run before work which is testament to her dedication – give her a honk next time you see her zipping up Manchester Road, even the old gal needs a bit of encouragement at times!

1479542_10152903305675419_820891650862376065_n 14899_10152596710415419_8207018696305880001_n 217685_972245886288_2113042_n

Growing up we spent a good few years living on our own, just the three of us and what must have been tough times for Sandy are remembered by us purely for the laughs and fun we shared.


She woke us up with a smile every morning singing the Good Morning song from Singing in the Rain (perhaps the start of my lifelong hatred of musicals – jk just kidding Sand), entertained our friends and made sure our brown bread sandwiches and lunchbox love notes confirmed our status as primary school pariahs.

10947189_10153043694065419_3582553907753864277_n 10665191_10152760438240419_3203138020491381238_n

Granny Sanny, work mum, Ped, Sanora, home mummy, Lou, life partner (hey Jude!), Auntie, Mrs Bare Knees – she’ll answer to any of these so take your pick.

1976966_10152874379110419_1416274384598292731_n 10710688_10152828672505419_7100616156424169257_n 487548_10151613601150419_336128745_n

Happy birthday SB!

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