Valentine’s day sweet treats

Valentine’s Day should be a time to treat yourself but there are plenty of ways to do this without ditching the diet. We’ve put together a collection of recipes to hit the spot when you’re craving something sweet.

1. Naturally Sassy’s peanut butter cheesecake. This is amazing and if you’ve ever been to a Jacob’s join with us this is usually our contribution. Even non health freaks can be fooled by this one.


2. Naturally Sassy’s chocolate quinoa crispy treats. This girl really knows her stuff when it comes to desserts. You need quinoa pops to make these rather than normal quinoa but they’re well worth it.

crispy quinoas

3. Deliciously Ella’s raw blueberry cheesecake. This is really tasty and refreshing if you fancy a change from chocolate (not sure what that feels like).

blue cheesecake

4. Deliciously Ella’s pecan pie. Officially the first dessert I ate in 2015 as Ali came round with a cake delivery that day! Still good even if you have to make it yourself rather than getting it home delivered (if you ask her nicely she might do the same for you)

pecan pie

5. Honestly Healthy’s carrot cake. We haven’t actually tried making this one yet but it looks so good I had to put it on the list! If you give it a go send us a picture and we’ll upload it on here! x


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