We’ll drink to that

Since starting the blog we’ve had quite a few people (we’ll let you remain anonymous) ask how we fit alcohol into our lifestyle. Anyone who knew us through the party days must be baffled by our current lifestyle and we’ve had a few people ask us (to our amusement) if we’re now teetotal. Even though we’re not we have drastically reduced how much we drink and our choice of tipple has changed too.


Larging it

PG on train

The PG days

More often than not we’d finish work on a Friday, get home from our Friday Fika ™ and pour ourselves a glass of wine before we’d even shut the door. As with most habits it became something we did without thinking rather than asking ourselves if we wanted one.


Countless wasted Sundays and 3 day hangovers started wearing thin and although we never consciously aimed to drink less, the change to many other aspects of our lifestyle meant that it just happened. It would’ve been hard to run regularly and have a productive Sunday with a stinking hangover. The marathon training really put the final nail in the coffin of our boozy days. It’s very difficult (although not impossible) to train for something like that and keep up with the drinking (I once did a 12 mile training run with a horrific hangover following a 1D gig last May).


You can imagine the hangover

As I’ve said before I feel these days my weekends only start once my Sunday run is over with so Sunday afternoon has become the new Saturday night so to speak. These days we try to have the balance of doing good things (eating well, exercising) then rewarding ourselves with wine and cake than doing bad things and punishing ourselves by starving or eating crap. Rather than spending Sunday making up for the mess of Saturday’s binge drinking and having The Fear, I much prefer to round up a productive weekend with a few glasses of red on a Sunday afternoon. On the odd occasion I’ve got really drunk on a Saturday I’ve found my usually productive Sunday to be a write-off and I’ve started the week on the back foot and it’s taken days to get back on track.

hungover in 2006

Hungover in 2006

Against all our wishes drinking alcohol will never be good for you but some types are much better than others.

Our fave tipple at the moment is red wine. Ignore the DM’s see-saw opinion on it (one day it’s bad for you the next it’s the best thing you can drink). Even though it’s not ‘healthy’, it’s much healthier than its white counterpart. Apparently it contains more iron, magnesium and potassium. We mainly prefer it because just the whiff of a glass of PG gives us flashbacks of all those drunken nights when we can’t remember our own names and woke up in a face full of pizza not sure how we got home.

We also find that we drink red wine much slower than we ever did white. Ali recently fainted (so much to say about this I could make it into a whole other blog post) and all I kept shouting at paramedics as they questioned what she had taken was “she’s had one glass of red wine” as if they’d shun her as a drunken lout if she’d been drinking white. They obviously weren’t Kings and Greens followers.

If we fancy a change from red we do love a glass of prosecco (although we haven’t yet found any evidence of this having any health benefits but we’re working on it).

Prosecco pals

Prosecco pals

Spirits are a great way to treat yourself and join in with social drinking while not going too far off track and if you want to go all out there’s even a quinoa vodka (which Ali got me for my 30th). The most important thing here is to avoid the sugary mixers. Stick to soda water or a squeeze of lemon or even some frozen fruit as mixers/ice cubes if you can’t hack ‘em straight. That’s the spirit!

kale jumper quinoa vodka

I’m writing this post while I put the prosecco in the fridge to cool and the red wine by the fire to warm up to toast the completion of a 20.8 mile training run, so if you’re still not convinced of our non tee-total status check our instagram later and I’m sure there’ll be some hard evidence there x

Disclaimer: Despite our best intentions we cannot fully guarantee that you won’t at some point in the future see us a little more than tipsy on a Saturday night or slightly hungover in Tesco one Sunday once in a blue moon, please don’t judge.


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