Water rules! 10 tricks to help you stay hydrated

Monana might have been drunk at the point but she was spot on with this one. Water has so many benefits and I’m not going to patronise you with them all. We all know it’s good for you but we also know it can be boring so here’s some tips to make it (H2) oh so easy. We can’t take credit for all these ideas as our friend and Kings and Greens inspiration Jo has come up with most of them

1. Buy yourself a nice bottle or glass. I hate drinking water out of a boring plain glass and it does make it more appealing. I often judge wine by the bottle (which usually works out quite well for me) and the same goes for water. TK Maxx often has a good selection.

water bottle nice

2. Set yourself a water target to fit in with your work schedule. I aim to refill my bottle once at break then again at lunch and finally at the end of school, so I know I will have drunk at least 3 bottles by the end of the day. If you’re out and about label your water bottle by times at which you should have drunk a certain amount and stick to it. A good excuse to buy some sharpies in any case.

water schedule

3. Wear 8 bobbles or elastic bands on one wrist then change one to the other wrist every time you have a glass, or keep a chart. Keep checking and aim to be halfway around midday and try to have them all on the other wrist/all ticked offΒ by the end of the day.

water chart

4. Get into the habit of ordering a glass with every drink you have if you’re out for a meal or drinks. Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water (much easier said than done I know but it is possible and your liver and purse will thank you for it, as well as your not too hung-over self the next day!)

water wine glass


5. Add some flavour with lemon, watermelon, mint or ginger to make it more appealing.

water recipe

6. Keep a big jug of water in the fridge. That way when you open it up for a snack you’ll be tempted by a cold drink instead and it’ll remind you to have some with your evening meal.

water lemon fridge

7. Download an app or set reminders/alarms on your phone. Waterlogged app helps you track your daily intake.

water alarm

8. Make yourself drink a glass of water before a snack or treat. Not only will this make sure you drink it but you probably won’t be as hungry as you thought you were.

bored not hungry

9. Some like it hot. Starting your day with lemon and hot water has lots of health benefits and hot water counts towards your 8 glasses. Herbal and fruit teas are also good for hydration (just stay away from too much regular tea with milk).

hot water and lemon

10. Always be prepared with a bottle with you. I have a gym bottle, work bottle and home bottle so wherever I am there’s no reason not to drink up.

suck it up

All images taken from Pinterest


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