Round our way: healthy eating in Lancashire


Round our way the birds might be singing (couldn’t bring myself to type ‘are’ despite a hardcore teenage Oasis habit).

But the region’s eateries ain’t the kale-loving caverns we might dream of so we’ve become experts at tracking down the best of the bunch when it comes to both healthy and veggie options (the combo being the much sought holy grail).

We’ve put this post together with a lot of help from our comrade in the war against beige food, Jade – you can follow her healthy adventures on Instagram at @strawberry_moon_

1. Green Chimney, Colne

burgergc salmondgc

Great chickpea burger, strawberry salmon salad with avo, sweet potato fries and a delish selection of vegan cakes. They do soya lattes (good to know) and we are yet to check out the breakfasts but they sound amazing – spelt toast, veggie eggs benedicts, pancakes and porridge. We’re actually off there tonight so check our Instagram to see what we feast on!

2. The Bear, Todmorden


Top of our to-do list at the moment is Jade’s favourite veggie haunt in Todmorden. Ever since she Instagrammed this warm coconut milk we’ve been dying to try it so watch this space. In fact I’ve just spent a good 10 minutes ogling their menu so it’s becoming an urgent priority!

3. The Sanctuary, Langho


We were devastated to arrive here post-16 mile run last Friday to find they’d stopped serving lunch a mere 15 minutes earlier but everything sounded amazing and the cakes were tip top. I picked up some of this Primrose’s Kitchen beetroot and ginger muesli from the little shop in the cafe and it’s been getting me out of bed all week. So good!

Sadly they’re only open weekdays at the minute so worth a visit if you’ve got a day off or a ridiculous amount of holidays like Chaz (joking teachers! You work hard!).

4. Do-dah’s, Rawtenstall


Chaz was beside herself to score a raw brownie here the other day. Check it out.

5. Garden Kitchen, Holden Clough


Homemade granola, eggs and asparagus, squash curry, goat’s cheese burger (OK so not exactly healthy… but panko crumbed heaven) and a separate gluten-free menu, they have a great veggie selection and will also prepare vegan options if you call ahead. Famous for their afternoon tea picnic tables if you’re in the market for a gluten bonanza!

6. Roots, Lancaster


Slightly further afield, but well worth a visit if you’re day tripping. Everything is locally sourced, veggie and seasonal. Just how we like it.

7. Whale Tail Café, Lancaster


Lancaster veggies are spoilt as this place is another great spot for plant-tastic dining. Lots of vegan options and organic booze too.

8. Greens, Didsbury

prosecco pals

Since a surprise birthday treat last October we’ve been meaning to revisit Simon Rimmer’s Greens to explore the rest of their menu. Still thinking about the amazing Chinese-style mushroom pancakes!

9. Wokki, Accrington

Thai street food in Accrington?? You bet. Try the vegan soups to warm yourself up (spring still seems a way off) and ring to order ahead if you’re pushed for time as everything is cooked freshly to order.

10. Zakros, Blackburn Market

A Greek and Thai place Jade raves about for lunches. Who knew Blackburn Market was such a treasure trove of culinary finery!

11. Jim’s Café, Colne

Another on our East Lancs hitlist! Has anyone been?

We’ve deliberately not included central Manchester here as options are plentiful but we may do a separate post later if anyone is interested – all suggestions welcome!

Anywhere we’ve missed or any great tips? Please comment so we can feed our healthy dining addictions!

All images taken by us (or Jade)


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