This month we’re…

PicMonkey Collage

1. Enduring… our 31 mile canalathon (we might’ve mentioned it a few times). Keep a look out on our Instagram for the post-run pics looking exhausted and relieved on 22nd March. More training blogs to follow in the next few weeks.

2. Watching… Catastrophe on 4OD. We might be a bit late to the game on this one as it finished last week but we’re catching up with the final few episodes. Recommended to us by our friend Amy, it is hilarious and if you haven’t already seen it then watch it now! We’ve passed the recommendation on to a few friends now and everyone has loved it. Worth watching for Sharon’s amazing outfits alone.

3. Making… macaroons. Our friend Faye and I have an obsession with these so I bought her a voucher for a workshop for Christmas. Eyes peeled for the results! Not so healthy but as it’s the day before the ultra I’ll be “carb-loading” (our excuse for quite a few things in the next couple of weeks…)

4. Reading… The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. After finishing The Killing we were at a bit of a loose end but have been gripped by this thriller from page 1. No spoilers if you’ve already read it!

5. Cooking… with freekeh. This ancient grain has been dubbed the ‘new quinoa’. We’ve been recommended it by a few foodies so we’re going to give it a try in March and we’ll be using it in a few different recipes. We’ll be doing a separate blog post about this soon.

6. Listening… to spotify play lists. Current favourite play lists are Who Run The World? Girls, Best Week Ever and Dance Around The House. They make working and cleaning so much more fun! There’s loads of workout music on there too. If you have any playlist suggestions let us know in the comments.

7. Wearing… Hunters. Despite it being March Spring hasn’t really sprung yet so they will be useful for Sunday strolls and wet walks. Ali got a pair for Christmas after coveting Kate Moss’ for years but hasn’t had a chance to wear them with all the running but tapering (yay) has meant walking season (and pub lunches) has begun. Good news for Bernard!

8. Eating… at Greens in Didsbury. As mentioned in Friday’s blog post, we’ve been meaning to return here for a while. We’ll be checking out the Spring menu at the end of the month with our Manchester mates Kate and Mark.

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