Be your own windkeeper: making Mondays count


It’s Monday. It’s raining (here at least). It’s hard to be motivated to do anything other than crawl under a blanket with a family sized bag of peanut M&Ms and the resolve to put things off for another day.

I’ll start tomorrow. Another “day off” won’t hurt. I’ve done well enough just getting work ticked off. Summer is ages off.

How many of those have you said to yourself on a miserable Monday? Well I wrote them because I have said all of them to myself and regularly still do.

Maybe you had a big weekend, ate and drank too much. Maybe you’re tired and you can’t face getting organised. Maybe you skipped your batch cooking plans yesterday to pop open the red wine and curl up with Netflix instead.

Doesn’t matter how you ended up here but end up here you did and it’s never too late to make Monday count.


Because if you’re anything like us, your Monday behaviour influences an entire week so it really isn’t just a case of writing one day off, it affects your entire mindset for the next seven days and maybe even beyond.

So I’ve rounded up a few hopefully helpful ways to pull your socks up and get the week started in a positive and healthy way that will see you skipping through to Friday feeling great about yourself.

1. Dust yourself off


Whatever you are beating yourself up for today, forget it. Draw the line. Let’s banish the Monday rear view mirror. If you let yourself off the hook for a binge, a drunken embarrassment or a failed fitness plan the chances are you’ll feel better about yourself and be kinder to yourself for the whole week and more.

2. Remind yourself why you started


It seems all too easy to give yourself a break on a Monday on the proviso it doesn’t *really* matter, and maybe it technically doesn’t but I think emotionally it does. Write a list of your goals, remind yourself why you’re making all these positive changes and what you’re working towards. Maybe you’ve already seen some progress so pat yourself on the back and remember the only way is up.

3. Drink up


I don’t know about you, but however hard I try I never stay quite hydrated enough at weekends, I find it so much easier at work with the routine and huge bottle on my desk. Keep sipping and your body will thank you – flush out those toxins, curb those cravings.

4. Get your head down


In more ways than one. Shut down the Facebook tab, write a to do list and get your week off to a flyer. Being motivated at work will spread through to other areas of life. Didn’t get round to batch cooking yesterday? Do it tonight.

5. The deep sleep


Sunday night blues keep you awake last night in a blind panic about every little worry magnified by a million? Healthy tea and an early night tonight to give you the energy to start Tuesday strong (just don’t starve yourself).

6. Carpe diem




Can’t type that without picturing Clueless. Rather than any huge grand gestures I’m talking here about living in the moment rather than dwelling (see #1) or fixating on a distant dream too much. So much to appreciate and be happy about right now. Whether that’sΒ finding a great Spotify playlist to spur you into cleaning the house, chatting to someone in the queue or making someone a brew when they didn’t expect it. Maybe you haven’t got your dream body yet (who has?) but it’s got you this far and it has a lot more going for it than you probably give it credit for! Appreciate it now with everything else great about today.


7. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.



Chatting to my friend Claire last week she mentioned a passage in some self-help book that stuck with her. Something to do with there being little difference between self-respect and self-discipline. It’s now stayed with me and I think there’s a lot to it – self-control is a discipline we have to teach ourselves a lot of the time but doesn’t it invariably work in our favour? Valuing yourself is hard. But you should.


8. Read more


Switch off the TV and laptop for a bit. Put down your phone. Β I always feel like my life is more organised when I’m reading more.

9. Be kind


Do you ever feel like everyone else is breezing through life while you’re plodding and struggling? I often do and have even found myself resenting people for it when I have no idea what their struggles are. I may be repeating myself a bit here but be nice and assume we’re all trying our best. Compliment people. Make someone else’s day. Whether you believe in karma or not there has to be something good about putting positive thoughts out there.


10. Get some fresh air


Clear your lungs, brighten your mood, sharpen your mind…fresh air not only makes you feel happier, it strengthens your immune system and aids digestion. And it’s free!

11. SMILE!


The act of smiling actually sends signals to your brain which make you healthier and happier. Try it. Now!

All images taken from Pinterest


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