Beyond labels: who inspires you?


Sandwiched appropriately between International Women’s Day last Sunday and Mothers’ Day this coming weekend, we were invited to take part in a project called Beyond Labels organised by the Hollins Technology College, the high school where the younger half of Kings and Greens (that’s Miss King to any pupils reading) works as head of modern languages.

We weren’t sure what to expect but it turned out to be a really inspiring night which saw around 30 teenage girls give up their free time to interview us and other guests. It kicked off with this video from the Always #likeagirl campaign:

The girls all introduced themselves by reading out a self-penned sentence – something which would’ve seen me bolting for the fire exit at their age. One of our favourite of these came from a girl who plays for Accrington Stanley FC and spoke up about her hopes for women’s football to be given the same respect and airtime as men’s in the future.

Being interviewed by the girls was great fun, they really got us thinking with some thought-provoking questions – we thought we really loved talking about ourselves but it was actually harder than we expected (especially with a camera shoved in our faces, enough to make even natural show-off Chaz stumble over her humble brags). Special mention to the Year 8 girl who gave a very diplomatic answer to the question of how she guessed I was the older King sister.

We were there as marathon and soon-to-both-be ultra marathon running bloggers so if we encouraged even a single girl to get out for a run this weekend we’ll consider it a successful night. And who doesn’t love an evening of samosas and selfies?

Ahead of a bumper Mothers’ Day post coming atcha like Cleopatra this Sunday, we wanted to turn the tables and ask you for some thoughts on the women who inspire you in your day-to-day life. Who do you go to for advice? Who do you look up to in the media? What are your favourite inspirational words?

At the end we were put in a hotseat to be filmed answering two questions which will be used in a video being produced as part of the project. Thankfully project organiser, girl power champion and one of very few men in the room Waqar let us do this together, as a follower of the blog he was presumably well aware of the fact I run screaming from anything I’m not allowed to drag my little sister along to for moral support.

The questions were – what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? And what piece of advice would you give to young women? We would love to hear your thoughts on these and any of the questions above.

In the interest of gender equality this is of course open to male and female readers!

We’ll be incorporating your ideas into the blog so if you could spare a couple of minutes by commenting below it would be hugely appreciated!


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