Who run the world? Girls.

Our current favourite spotify playlist is rather apt this week with it being International Women’s Day last Sunday, our Inspirational Women event on Thursday and Mothers’ Day today. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of high profile modern day inspirations who keep us motivated and inspire us daily with food and exercise and are our go-to girls when we need a push in the right direction.

1. Ella Woodward.

Courgetti queen

Courgetti queen

You’ll know her as Deliciously Ella and she isn’t just up here for her amazing recipies. If you’ve seen an interview with her or read an article on her (which are hard to avoid at the moment) you’ll know she isn’t just a health food freak for no reason. She suffers from a disease called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and has more or less cured herself by overhauling her whole diet. So if you’re ever doubting whether all this health food is worth it, just take one look at her and you’ll soon have the answer.

2. Natasha Corrett.


Natasha explains in her blog Honestly Healthy that she had always been up and down on the scales Kings and Green style and finally got her health on track when her doctor told her that her body was too acidic and started following an alkaline diet. Her food is regularly recreated by us and we like her 70-30% attitude to her lifestyle. Super excited to be going to one of her Supper Clubs next month (will of course be trying to get a sneaky selfie with her the whole night)

3. Mille McIntosh.


In her MIC heyday I never thought she’d be on a list of women who inspire me, and it’s easy to look at her and think she’s got it all (well she is the Quality Street heiress after all but from looking at her she doesn’t eat them too often) but just take one look at her instagram videos and pictures and she seriously works hard in the gym. She might have tons of money and a rockstar lifestyle but those workouts are all down to her blood, sweat and tears.

4. Emma Watson.

watson1 watson2 watson3

I’ve just spent hours reading quotes from her and could’ve picked about 10 of them. She may always be Hermione Granger to some of you HP fanatics but since graduating from the Hogwarts trilogy she’s become the definition of gallantry. If you haven’t seen her He For She speech on gender equality watch it NOW.

5. Judy Murray


You’ll have to speak to Ali for the full lowdown on Mrs M because I think she is in fact her number 1 fan (she even enjoyed all her almost unwatchable but very sweet strictly dances which endeared her to us even more with her wicked sense of humour). It seems like (as happens all too often) Judy is portrayed as just a pushy mum, yet she is a hugely successful tennis coach, has a degree in French and business, won numerous tennis competitions in her own right and works hard at alleviating the sexism that still exists in tennis today. If you really want a sob fest read up on how she abandoned her car on the way to pick her sons up from school and ran all the way to collect them after the Dunblane disaster not knowing if they were alive or not.

6. Kathrine Switzer 

Ali read about this women’s running pioneer in Alexandra Heminsley’s (K&G recommended) book Running Like A Girl and her story of sneaking into the Boston Marathon as the race’s first ever female competitor is truly inspiring. It’s crazy to think this happened a mere 48 years ago; women’s running has come a long way (though there’s plenty of distance left to run until we reach gender equality in sport – a topic for another day). Read Kathrine’s amazing story here: http://kathrineswitzer.com/about-kathrine/1967-boston-marathon-the-real-story/

7. Ashley McClure


One of the best things about meeting Jesse McClure from Storage Hunters (and having him sitting on my settee prior to filming an advert at my house – WTF) was getting the chance to meet his inspirational wife. She’s on a strict exercise and diet programme to compete a bodybuilding competition whilst working full time and is one of the loveliest people you could meet. Watch this space for a Kings and Greens exclusive interview with this body building babe.

8. Jordan Younger.

AKA The Balanced Blonde. Previously The Blonde Vegan, TBB suffers from orthorexia (an eating disorder whereby sufferers are addicted to eating pure and clean food) and is well known from her journey away from veganism which is the lesser-known and lesser-publicised transition and she got a lot of flack for it. She received a lot of negative press and trolling and has written some really inspirational posts responding to all the haters and has a really balanced approach to eating and life, as suggested by her new nom de plume.

9. Lena Dunham.


Like Hannah we are trying to be the voice of our generation (or a voice of a generation) and just one look at her quote above proves why Lena needs to be on this list. Her body confidence and positive attitude could teach us all a lesson and it’s unbelievable that one person can have so much eloquence and talent.

10 Caitlin Moran.


I’ve never laughed as much in my life as when I read How to Be a Woman, in particular her chapter on what to call boobs (I was on quite a crowded train at the time and it made it even funnier that I was trying not to laugh, like in school – yes those ‘I cannot burst out laughing right now’ moments happen to teachers too). This woman is everything we want to be in life – cool, hilarious, successful, bolshy, the list goes on. If you haven’t already read the aforementioned book, do it now!

All pictures taken from Pinterest, taken by us, or stated otherwise.


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