Life in the fast lane: returning to the 5:2

This week we have both decided to go back onto the 5:2 fast day diet for a little while to lose about half a stone gained during ultra marathon training.


Thanks for the memories!

Gaining weight helped us get through the relentless training and actually finish the damn thing so we have no regrets about any aspects of it. We also realise it’s not just about the numbers on the scale. We just now feel slightly sluggish and need to give ourselves a jolt out of the greediness that is perfectly acceptable after, say, a 20-mile morning run, but less so on an average weekend. Treats are always part of the plan but we are conscious of needing to rein things in very slightly (moderation is not our forte without boundaries in place).


Sharing to combat food envy since 1984

Post-race we actually found ourselves looking forward to this as we felt a bit out of control of our bodies during the run-up to the big day. There’s a certain element of giving your body up to the ultra – don’t get me wrong, were only too happy to up the calorie intake, increase portion sizes and give ourselves more of a break both during the week and at weekends. After all, how else would we have discovered Alibi Max bars lurking in the Polish section of Tesco’s World Foods aisle if not for the ultra appetite?

Now it’s time to get back on track to feel likes ourselves again.

As quinoa as mustard with my menu choice


We will be fasting on Mondays and Thursdays as a rule, like we did before. Monday was switched to Tuesday this week because we didn’t think it wise to fast the day after the ultra and as I polished off the Celebrations and an entire pack of veggie Colin the Caterpillars last Monday night I felt ready for a fresh start.

Some of you are following the 5:2 as well so we would love you to help us by sharing your food diaries, recipes and moans – please follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@kingsandgreens on both) so we can make sure we are following everyone and attack it as a team. We will be posting everything we eat on fast days on Instagram and we can post our weekly food diaries here too – we’ll do it for this week now and aim to continue every week (please forgive us for the inconsistent posting on here at the minute, we’re both really busy at work and lazy at home).

Ali’s diary – Tuesday


B: Spirulina (1 tsp) smoothie with a handful of spinach, a frozen mini banana (I have only started freezing them for smoothies recently but it makes it much creamier), 1 tsp cinnamon, splash of water and 125ml soya milk = 127 cals


L: One portion of Deliciously Ella cannellini bean stew (honestly the easiest, tastiest recipe of all time) with a handful of spinach, heated on the stove at work (I have portioned my latest batch of this up and frozen for fast day work lunches) = 242 cals


T: Courgetti (1 courgette spiralized) with vegan kale pesto = 167 cals

= 536 cals

Chaz’s diary – Tuesday

B: Kale smoothie with 1/2 banana, 150ml almond milk and 1 tsp agave = 128 cals

L: Homemade kale and spinach soup = 114 cals


T: Courgetti (1 courgette spiralized) with vegan kale and basil pesto and dry fried chestnut mushrooms = 70 cals

S: Nakd cocoa loco bar (100 cals), 1 x Quality Street chocolate (44 cals), 25g grapes (16 cals) = 160 cals

= 472 cals

Ali’s diary – Thursday

B: Spirulina spinach smoothie – same as Tuesday but experimented with halving the milk and adding water to save a few cals = 97 cals


L: Kale salad (whole bag of kale) with our favourite dressing = 180 cals

T: Deliciously Ella cannellini bean stew = 235 cals

= 512 cals

Chaz’s diary – Thursday


B: Kale smoothie (see Tuesday) = 128 cals

L: Homemade kale and spinach soup = 114 cals

T: Courgetti and pesto with mushrooms = 74 cals

S: Nakd coca loco (100 cals), Starbucks grande skinny cappuccino with sugar-free cinnamon syrup (80 cals) = 180 cals

= 496 cals

Chaz is more of a snacker so prefers to save cals for her breaktime treat, I’d prefer a bigger meal. Later today she is meeting friends at Starbucks to plan their Easter Copenhagen break (stay tuned for healthy travelling tips and recommendations) so being the coffee fiend she is she swapped things around to accommodate a caffeine fix. Fast days won’t always be a nutritionist’s dream, but we more than make up for it the rest of the time and try not to let it turn us into social outcasts (sometimes a green tea just won’t cut it).

The rest of the week we will be eating lots and enjoying it! This is a personal choice for us and we don’t endorse dieting generally, we are all about the balance.

Are you on the 5:2? How are you finding it? What’s the biggest challenge for you? What are your favourite fast day meals? How do you juggle fasting with “normal” life?

We will leave you with a few reminders (for ourselves as much as anyone else) that it’s not all about the calories!

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5 thoughts on “Life in the fast lane: returning to the 5:2

  1. Love that I am embarking on my 5:2 journey (week 4) as you two return to it-even though I have mastered the art of making the perfect poached egg, it gets boring for EVERY fast day tea! I always save calories by skipping breakfast and hanging out for half my calories for lunch then the other half jn the evening. Let me know if you want my yummy cottage cheese (v low cal and I promise I cam make it taste nice!) recipe!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honestly it is really easy to stick to because you can stretch your cals out in a way that suits you best plus you’re never far from a “normal” day, I had a giant bowl of porridge this morning with toasted almonds, coconut chips and a huge dollop of almond butter to celebrate literally breaking the fast! x


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