Wind it down weekend


Weekends have been devoted to biiig runs and horizontal chill outs for the past three months so this weekend we are looking forward to a welcome change.


Relaxing is one of our fortes so after receiving spa vouchers for Christmas from our mum we decided to save them for a treat after the ultra marathon and thus tomorrow will see us heading to Ribby Hall for an Elemis facial treatment.

Making a day of it, we’ll be popping into Benedict’s Deli in Whalley for breakfast first – we’ve been here loads of times over the years, but a fellow veggie at work came bouncing into the office last week telling me their new menu was right up our street. They have a ‘Come Clean’ menu devoted to all the healthy goodness we love (how well you know me Sue) – they had me at Nutribullet. Even the idea of going out for breakfast (one of our favourite things) is a distant memory so we can’t wait to be out in the normal world at 9.30am on a Saturday instead of plodding along a muddy towpath.

We’ll be spending most of Friday afternoon drooling over said menu and looking forward to a pamper-fest afterwards…

That’s before Sunday’s Accrington Ron Hill 10k, a race which we absolutely loved doing last year. It’s only in its second year and is a great first 10k for newbies and a lovely course for old hats. We’ll be running with friends after doing a couple of recces on the dreaded Back Lane section – the great thing about this route is it’s all uphill for the first half along Manchester Road from Accrington town centre (not great at the time but bear with me) before a leisurely three miles downhill along the old railway lines from Holland Pies in Baxenden.

ron hill

Last year we were lucky enough to meet the legend himself, Ron Hill is an Accrington-born Olympian and running hero of ours who still runs every day and takes part in the race himself.

We haven’t run since last Sunday’s Canalathon (promise to stop going on about it soon) so we’ll be gingerly heading out to test our sore feet with minimal expectations other than enjoying the race. After a few recovery swims and sauna sessions at Hyndburn Leisure Centre and Mercer Hall our legs appear to be in working order so fingers crossed!

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone else doing the 10k? Come and say hi!

Images taken by us or from Pinterest


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