This month we’re…

PicMonkey Collage

1.Travelling… to Copenhagen. After our friends Sarah and Nic had such a great cake-fuelled visit to the Danish capital Chaz has taken the Easter break opportunity to sample them herself with friends Faye and Rosie. She’s already clocked up a few veggie/raw eateries (42raw, Morgenstedet and BioM to name but a few) so stay tuned for healthy travelling tips to follow.

2. Eating… at Honestly Healthy supper club. We’re super excited to be joining the amazing Natasha Corrett at one of her famous supper clubs. They’re usually based in London so we snapped up some tickets as soon as we saw the Manchester one advertised on her Facebook page.

3. Watching… The Kings Speech show at Manchester Opera House. This was Chaz’s Christmas present to our mum and me as we loved the film (The Kings Preach was a possible blog name before we finally settled on Kings and Greens – much less preachy!) and even bigger fans of Jason Donavon who is playing Lionel Logue. May wear ripped jeans and LJs to channel that ’80s mountain-top ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’ vibe.

4. Working out… at home. After gaining an extra few pounds during the carb-loading we fancy toning up so we’ll be trying some exercise at home following our beloved Jillian Michaels DVDs (Chaz’s fave Six Week Six Pack quote:”I want you to leave this workout visibly smaller!” Inspo indeed). If you’ve never tried them, get involved and share our pain! They’re cheap as chips on Amazon and short enough to banish most excuses we’ve come up with.

5. Visiting… Hebden Bridge again. We had such a great day when we took Sandy for Mothers’ Day that we’ve already set a date in the diary to do it all again, this time with her BFF/life partner Jude in tow. We were spoilt for choice for healthy and veggie restaurants last time so it’ll give us a chance to try some more venues. Let us know any recommendations in the comments below if you’ve got any!

6. Baking… some Easter delights. Chaz is going to try a variation on Naturally Sassy’s quinoa crispy cakes to make into Easter egg nests (though that’s not to say we won’t be dipping into some more conventional seasonal chocs, far too much temptation).

7. Wearing… new runners after punishing our Canalathon kicks. Always a personal choice but has anyone tried any great running shoes lately? Excuse another Karlie Kloss pic but this is what we like to imagine we look like when running. Whatever gets you out the door hey?

8. Drooling… over Masterchef, one of our favourite shows is back and two avocado-based puddings featured in week one – what’s not to love?

9. Reading… Hausfrau – Jill Alexander Essbaum. Recommended by two of our most trusted book critics, Sam Baker and Alexandra Heminsley (whose ‘Running Like A Girl’ is a great read for beginner and seasoned runners), this sounds like our kinda page turner.

Images taken from LG, Amazon, The Mirror, The Debrief, Nike or the Kings’ Archives


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