Fitspiration: Ashley McClure on her fitness journey


Earlier this year we interviewed Ashley McClure, wife of Storage Hunters’ star Jesse when the pair were over in the UK doing some promotional work.

We’d been following Ashley on Instagram since meeting her the previous year and had noticed she’d become more and more into her fitness at a time when we were too. When she turned up to a meeting wearing her gym gear I had to ask about her fitness adventures and she told me she was training for the bikini category in a bodybuilding competition back home, the NPC Northeast show.


Ashley’s fitness journey began when she took up a 60-day challenge at her local gym, Hardcore Fitness LA, and lost nearly 20lbs. She works full-time for her family’s business so when she started training for the big event earlier this year, she had to become really organised so I was interested to hear how she made this work.

We also chatted about fitting her healthy lifestyle in with her husband Jesse, cheat meal preferences (cupcakes and fries) and how she stays motivated.

Here are Ashley’s top tips for healthy lifestyles:

  • Plan ahead. Ashley juggles work, travel and training and her strict diet ahead of the competition means eating (the right things) every two hours so she spends her weekends meal prepping to avoid getting caught out (music to our ears)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Travelling often with Jesse, Ashley is a pro at sweet-talking hotel staff into making her an egg white omelette or finding a personal trainer to put her through her paces when she’s in a city for one day only. She says it’s simply a case of asking – by being confident and clear about her goals, she’s been surprised by how much she’s been able to achieve on the road
  • Have clear goals. Ashley lost 20lbs doing a 60-day challenge at her gym last year and is now in her best shape ever after training hard for the NPC bikini competition. She said she wouldn’t have achieved these things without setting clear targets for herself
  • Two’s company. Ashley works out at her local gym in California with her sister and says this works really well for them to keep them both on track.

Watch the video here:

Follow Ashley on Twitter and Instagram @smashmcclure

Images from Ashley’s Instagram or taken by us


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