Break from the old routine


Just a quick post to apologise for the radio silence here lately… there are a few reasons for this and we decided it was about time we shared them!

After completing our ultra marathon in March (which now seems a lifetime ago) we found ourselves in a weird headspace with no rigid regimes to stick to and no scary end goal to drag us out on the road for a run. After doing the (excellent) Ron Hill 10k the following Sunday with our Mum and lots of friends we had a bit of a break from running and it was great to wake up pressure-free (though the no-exercise guilt never leaves us).

Since then we’ve been steadily trying to rouse ourselves out of a month of laziness with long walks, modest runs and at-home exercise (ever hopeful I’ll one day achieve the ‘teeny dancer’s body’ Tracey Anderson assures me lurks within).

We are still health freaks and our avo-quinoa lifestyle has endured, but we’ll be the first to admit we’ve relaxed things a lot since Canalathon and less healthy indulgences have crept in – I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, there’s no such thing as a “guilty” pleasure in my book; if you want it and plan to let yourself enjoy it there’s no need to feel any guilt over it (as long as you can get the hang of moderation which is a constant challenge).

I suppose just lately we have felt like we have very little of interest to say because there really isn’t much going on for us in terms of exciting health and fitness news. This will change and we hope to come back with a vengeance once we are freshly inspired to tackle new goals.

In the meantime we would love to hear from you (if there’s anyone still out there). What inspires you when you reach a health or fitness plateau? Have you any tips to get us all excited about healthiness and tempt us out of the slump?

Can you suggest any new recipes to lure us away from the same old faves? Or events coming up that will spur us back into a training frenzy?


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