Six Week (No) Six Pack

The aftermath of Canalathon was great at first – being able to have a bit more to drink on Friday and Saturday nights, making plans other than 16 mile runs on a Saturday morning and regaining a social life that involves more than Jak and Bernard (no offence guys) was something I could get used to. But the heady days of ‘recovering’ can only last so long so over the past few weeks I’ve been getting back into the zone by doing Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack.

jillian dvd cover

If you’ve ever done a Jillian workout DVD before, or watched her on The Biggest Loser USA, you’ll know she dances the line between motivational and downright annoying. I have managed to get through each workout not by checking how much time has passed but instead ticking off a mental checklist of irritating Jillian phrases. Some of my favourites are: “You can always go farther, you ALWAYS have more to give”, “She’s aspirational! You’re aspirational! This is what we aspire to do”, “This is you time baby. Make. The. Most. Of. It.” and “You can’t spot reduce fat that way, that’s a lie”. I’ve only just googled that last one and figured out what it means, all it says to me is “halfway through round 1”.

This is what we aspire to do

This is what we aspire to do

So, let’s talk results. So far not so good. She promises to give you a “ripped mid section” by doing level one five times a week for three weeks, followed by three weeks of level two. I’m currently at the halfway point and there isn’t a six pack in sight (this might be as it’s coincided with half term and you all know my half term cake habits are hard to beat).

However, what has happened is I’m feeling fitter and have managed to progress from beginner to extension on some of the moves (being a teacher I was interested in seeing how she differentiated for all abilities and I can happily say Ofsted would be proud). I’m also impressed that after a month or so of Canalathon ‘recovery’ (i.e sitting around not doing much claiming that my muscles were still healing) I’ve managed to get back into a routine and actually stick to it.

jillian quote 1

With level two starting this week, half term well and truly over and fasting back on track (a whole separate post coming on this soon) I’m hoping to be showing off my abs and be armed with a whole new catalogue of annoying Jillian phrases in three weeks’ time. In the meantime, here are some more of her gems to keep you going…

jillian quote 5

jillian quote 2

jillian quote 4

jillian quote 3

jillian quote 6

jillian quote 7

jillian quote 8

All images taken from Pinterest


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