Plateau, no!

I started the 5:2 about a month ago after my post canalathon eating and exercise avoidance went a bit too far and if you’ve seen Ali’s before and after pics, she’s proof of how well it works. Plus my friend at work Claire had started it so I felt some mutual support knowing she was just as starving as me across the corridor. Misery loves company and all that.

Don't let that small cake fool you

Don’t let that small cake fool you

Post 5:2 posing

Post 5:2 posing

The first few weeks went well and I lost about 4lbs in about 3 weeks. It was around this time my friend Jay decided she wanted to lose a few pounds for her holiday (which has been a cheese and wine fuelled trip around France and Spain – well jel) so that gave me motivation to keep it up and it was nice to have someone new to snapchat grumpy Monday morning faces and happy Friday food photos.

This most recent 5:2 foray has seen me experiment with a few new recipes – my faves have been THAT Tesco saladย (I will shut up about it eventually, but seriously TRY IT) weighing in at around 250 calsย and honey popcorn slices (around 60 cals each) from who has a huge selection of clean eatingย recipes. I’ve also changed my habits slightly and don’t eat in the mornings until my nakd bar at 11. I know skipping breakfast isn’t ideal but I find the earlier I eat the hungrier I get throughout the day. Annoyingly I’m one of those people that wakes up hungry no matter what time it is, (I could eat a slap-up meal at 2am) but on fast days I make sure I start the day with a glass of water and I find it takes the hunger pangs away.

Additional halloumi not fast day approved

Additional halloumi not fast day approved

honey popcorn

I’m trying to keep this post positive but the halcyon days of losing almost a pound a week are now a distant memory and I’ve been plateauing for around 3 weeks. I haven’t taken the weekly weigh ins in the best of spirits, it’s really hard to stay motivated when you are literally starving yourself for 2 days a week. Without fasting would I just be slowly putting on weight each week?

Image taken from pinterest

Image taken from pinterest

I read a really interesting blog the other day advertised on myfitnesspal (another perk of this super-app) entitled The Upside of a Weight-Loss Plateau which kind of confirms that question. Apparently the average American puts on 1lb a year, so by staying the same I’m not as much of a failure as I thought I was. It also argues that reaching a plateau is kind of like a rite of passage meaning you’re no longer a beginner.

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

Maybe it’s time to try harder and keep at it, pushing through the plateau. I’ve also wondered whether the 5:2 diet is the best one for when you’ve only got a couple more pounds to lose. Anyone have any experience in this?

Or maybe it’s time to embrace the last couple of pounds, Chandler Bing style.

chandler last pound

“I don’t mind the last pound. OK, in fact I kind of like the last pound. OK, so don’t make me do anything that I’ll regret”


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