10 ways to supercharge your breakfast with protein power

Whether you’re an early morning exerciser or just want to hit those macros early doors, you’ll know how important getting a protein packed breakfast is. A friend at work, bored by his morning omelette, asked for ideas on quick high protein breakfasts –  here are 10 ways to get it in first thing. 

Comment below if you have any more suggestions!

1. Peanut butter protein porridge

I recently saw this recipe on Naturally Sassy’s instagram page a few days ago so haven’t had a chance to give this a try yet, plus it’s more of a wintery breakfast, but if you’re after a tasty protein filled bowl then look no further. The best thing about porridge is that you can top with any kind of nuts, seeds or nut butter to give yourself an extra protein hit.

2. Protein waffles

Again, this isn’t a tried and tested recipe but anything that involves a dessert for breakfast is fine by me. This recipe involves a waffle maker, which is usually the sort of thing you can find in those weird and wonderful middle aisles in Aldi or Lidl, or failing that you can use the mix to make pancakes instead and pump up the protein with a nut butter spread on top or go savoury with eggs or cheese.

3. Frittata

Ok, this is just a big omelette so I’m kind of cheating here, but I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment so I couldn’t do this list without including it. If you’re really rushed in the mornings the benefit of these over an omelette is that it can be made a few days in advance and cut into slices and put in the fridge or freezer and reheated. They’ve fast become my summer lunch alternative to soup in that I just throw in whatever veg I’ve got left over in the fridge at the end of the week and that’s a few breakfasts or lunches sorted


4.  Hemp protein bars

These may seem a little faffy compared to the other ideas but this recipe makes around 15 bars so if you’re really pressed for time in the morning a bit of batch cooking will go a long way. I’ve found with most recipes like this it’s easy to make substitutions for certain nuts and grains so if you don’t have the exact ingredients it’s worth playing around with the recipe and you might end up making something even tastier.

5. Lidl high protein rolls

I’m yet to try these but they apparently have 27g of protein per roll (and only cost 39p; good for your belly and your budget) so if you have them with a nut butter, some cheese or eggs then you’ll be really packing a protein punch.


6. Nut butter and banana on rye bread

This is an easy one when you think you’ve got nothing in for breakfast. I always have some rye bread in the freezer and there’s usually some kind of nut butter in the cupboard (can’t say the same for Ali and our friend Terri as it usually doesn’t even make it to the cupboard) plus a selection of nuts and seeds to sprinkle on top.

nuts on toast

7. Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get in your protein as you can include pretty much any combination of various nuts and seeds with milk or yoghurt and a variety of fruit or veg and you’re on to a winner. My favourite is spinach, soya or almond milk, almond butter, pumpkin or chia seeds and water but there are tons of varieties you can try and you can even crack a raw egg into it if you really want to up the protein power. If the thought of a green smoothie doesn’t appeal to you have a go at making this caramel protein smoothie, it looks amazing!


8. Poached eggs on toast

And oldie but a goodie. Poaching eggs isn’t everyone’s forte (Ali King I’m looking at you) but they’re easy enough if you give it few goes (or you can cheat and get an egg poaching pan) and they’re so worth it when you get it right.


9. Chia pudding

This one takes a bit of prep the night before but it’s really worth it, it’s another one that’s more like eating dessert for breakfast but without the guilt and the addition of chia seeds gives it extra protein, fibre and calcium (to name but a few). There are loads of chia pudding ideas online but this choc banana peanut butter recipe from secret squirrel food is one of my faves, the only challenge is not eating it all out of the bowl and being able to resist it until breakfast!

chia pudding

10. Quinoa porridge

We are still a bit quinoa obsessed so it’s always fun finding new ways to prepare and eat it (we don’t get out much). Ali started experimenting with quinoa porridge last winter and it became one of her faves. It’s really quick and easy to make if you’ve batch cooked a load of quinoa in advance as you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove first thing (just remember to batch it without stock if you’re planning on doing this).

quinoa porridge


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