Mixing it up

Given that my partner in crime has taken a hiatus from running I’ve been feeling a bit listless without a specific race to be training for. As we mentioned after canalathon the freedom from constant running was a welcome change for the first few weeks but after a while I’ve started to miss the structure of a training plan.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

I’m on the look-out for my next running mission (Jak suggested I join him on his 44 mile ultra up Skiddaw at the end of August but I kindly refused) as I’m desperate to get back in the game, but here are a few things I’ve had a go at in the meantime


My friend Terri and I had visions of ourselves perfecting Deliciously Ella style headstands within a few weeks so the easiness of this first class we tried out wasn’t what we’d imagined. We knew it’d be quite a gentle class as it was for beginners, but I’d like a bit of a challenge with my workout especially when trying something brand new. We’re determined to give this another go so we’re going to check a few more out in the area.


jane fonda

We tried this the week after the yoga class, and although we had fun, decided it wasn’t for us. We definitely felt the burn (excuse the vintage work out lingo but there were a lot of legs, bums and tums moves that felt a bit Jane Fonda) but we preferred the meditation side of yoga (despite my childish sniggers during the ‘humming’ track).

Hill sprinting

Dream Team

Dream Team

Jak and I have a regular Tuesday evening slot up the coppice which sees us sprint up and down the path 6 times, much to the bemusement of other Coppice frequenters. I often hear encouraging calls of “you can catch him” as I chase Jak up the hill and we’ve even been approached by one very confused walker asking what we were doing. Even though it’s a different discipline to long distance running it’s a good way to improve fitness levels and pace and having a regular time and place means you can really notice the progress you make week by week.

PT session

Pretty much what I looked like... (Image from Pinterest)

Pretty much what I looked like…
(Image from Pinterest)

I had a personal training session last Friday and although a week later I am still not walking properly (it’s the first time I’ve had to ask a pregnant woman to slow down for me) I really enjoyed it so will be going back for more. After a ten minute warm-up he had me trying out some of those scary machines you’re always too intimidated to use (or is that just me?) and it’s the only work-out I’ve done that had my legs aching about 5 minutes in.


Never gets old

Never gets old

Hyndburn sports centre doesn’t really rival the pool overlooking Lake Garda we got used to on holiday, but Ali’s been a regular since she hasn’t been running as much so I’ve joined her on a few sessions. It’s nice to have a change from running and mix things up a bit but I can’t see myself swimming the channel anytime soon (any Victoria Wood fans remember Chrissy swims the channel?!)


Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

After a long break from the gym I did my first insanity class in months on Tuesday. I kept this up while marathon training to keep up my fitness levels but gave it up for the ultra as it was precious time away from getting the training miles in. I was really apprehensive about it, especially as I was still aching from last Friday, but it was more manageable than I feared and I actually really enjoyed being back, plus it was great to see mine and Faye’s favourite instructor again, her shout outs and encouragement through the hard moves always push you that little bit harder.


walking 3

Towards the end of the summer term, my friends Debbie, Faye and I started walking to school as the weather was better and we didn’t have big bags of marking to take home every night. We have a what’s app group dedicated to our love of walking, and even covered 8 miles in one day by going out for an evening stroll one night too. We’re lucky that we live relatively close to school that we can do this and it’s always a good way to unwind at the end of the day, plus the occasional soya latte on the way there keeps our spirits high.

Until I get my next race booked I think I’ll carry on mixing things up for a while. As well as it being good for your body to do different things and challenge your muscles in a variety of ways it also staves off the boredom of being solely committed to one sport, and I love the social aspect of doing different things with different people.

Anyone got any ideas or recommendations of other sports or activities I should try…?


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