Bake me off : Tasty treats for the GBBO finale

If, like us, you’ve been glued to the TV every Wednesday at 8.00 to watch GBBO, you’ll be equally sad and excited by the fact that the final is merely hours away. Whether you’re nuts for Nadiya, eager for Ian to win or rooting for tasty Tamal, I’m sure tonight’s last instalment won’t disappoint. In the spirit of tonight’s final we’ve compiled a list of our favourite healthy bakes should you be inclined to get your apron on and get baking…

1. Naturally Sassy’s peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake


This is seriously good. Although it can be a faff to make (there are 3 layers and a lot of ingredients) it’s definitely worth it. The middle section is so good that I eat most of it before it even gets to the cake. I made this for Faye for her birthday last year and it went down a storm.

2. Secret Squirrel Food’s Choc banana chia pudding

chia pudding

chia 2

If you’re really sad for the Bake-Off to be over this dessert will really chia you up (sorry, I couldn’t resist). The cacao is full of anti-oxidants and the chia seeds contain lots of protein so there’s no excuse not to tuck in. If you make extra it can also be eaten for a tasty but fun breakfast the next day.

3. Fruit Crumble


A favourite of ours growing up, Sandy used to make an amazing crumble. It’s the perfect dessert for a cold autumn night, I like to do a banana one and if you’re a cheapskate like Ali you don’t even have to buy your own apples (they were foraged, not stolen, she tells me). This Deliciously Ella recipe has a step-by-step guide on how to make it and you can vary it with whatever fruit you’ve got in.

4. Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

This has been a firm favourite of mine since the Bake Off has been on. I start every Wednesday evening with good intentions but as soon as the opening credits begin I start craving something sweet. You can knock this up in minutes, all you need to do is blend a few frozen bananas along with some almond milk, and vanilla essence if you have any. Then top it with whatever you’ve got in; I usually go for cacoa nibs, desiccated coconut and a squeeze of agave.

Let us know if there’s any healthy dessert recipes you think we should try, in the name of blogging we’ll give them all a whirl!


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