This month we’re…

PicMonkey Collage

1. Seeking… another dose of zen at Woodland Spa at Crow Wood Leisure. I got a voucher when I left my old job so I’m taking my favourite spa partners, Chaz, Sarah and Terri, along for the day.

2. Wearing… our hearts on our chests with our new slogan tees. I bought Chaz (and myself) an Avocado Toast one for her birthday and she returned the favour (to us both) with the Blogging > Jogging one from ASOS for mine.

3. Ordering… from Ocado. I’m a month into this exciting new relationship and could not be happier. All my favourite healthy treats in one place and the friendliest drivers ever – so long, weekend traipse around Accy Tesco!

4. Basking… in the scent of this Bella Freud Loving candle Chaz bought me for my birthday this month. I’ve been buying expensive candles as gifts for years in the hope someone would return the favour so finally my not-so-subtle hints have worked!

5. Watching… Doctor Foster. It’s kept us gripped for the last five weeks. Has anyone else been watching??

6. Dining… at 1847 in Manchester for a birthday treat – the seven-course veggie and vegan taster menus deserve a post of their own so watch this space…

7. Zapping… up even more smoothies in the brand new Nutribullet I got from our mum for my birthday after coveting Chaz’s for an entire year. My BlendActive served me well but being used an average of three times a day for the past year has seen a dip in productivity so I’m excited for my next blender adventure.

8. Revisiting… The L Word on Netflix. I watched this in its entirety years ago and it’s taken Chaz a long time to come round to it, but with a Bake Off and Dr Foster shaped hole in her life it fits the bill perfectly.

9. Debating… marathon options. Sarah has suggested the Manchester Marathon next April, Chaz is leaning towards Paris… Either way training starts soon!


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