This month we’re…

PicMonkey Collage

  1. Running… every day of December. I’ve decided to complete the Marcothon which was set up in December 2009 and basically involves running every day in December for at least 3 miles. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for the (hopefully regular) updates and feel free to troll me if you suspect I’ve given up!
  2. Making… the ultimate nut roast for Christmas dinner. Given that one half of Kings and Greens will have her hands full over the festive period I’ve volunteered to make the veggie alternative to the roast turkey this year. Any recipe ideas gratefully received!
  3. Experimenting… with grey/black ombré. After washing that blonde right out of my hair a few months ago it’s been feeling a little dull so I’m attempting to go brighter with a festive silver. Fingers crossed I don’t get mistaken for the baby’s Grandma (no offence Sandy) when out and about with the new arrival.
  4. Drinking… matcha green tea lattes aplenty. I was over excited when my favourite local coffee shop Imposta started making these and I’ve made it a regular request on Faye’s Friday coffee run.
  5. Eating… halloumi and falafel wraps at Zakros in Blackburn Market. This place was a recommendation from our friend Jade and as always her suggestion didn’t fail to impress. The perfect mid-Christmas shop energy boost if you’re flagging by lunch.
  6. Placing… our bets on the Strictly final. Our money is on Anita to lift the trophy despite the under marking she receives from the judges week on week. I’m contemplating a 23.5″ pizza from Ninos in Rawtenstall for the final to finish the series as we started way back in September.
  7. Relaxing… at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. I got a voucher months ago and the earliest they could book us in was December which will be the perfect calm before the storm that is the festive period.
  8. Crying… with laughter at Impractical Jokers. I’m addicted to it at the moment and try to squeeze at least one episode in a night. I’m also developing a slight crush on Q.
  9. Reading… Pigeon English by Stephan Kelman. Following Elizabeth is Missing it’s the latest choice of our work book club. I’m only a few pages in but hoping I’ll get through it at some point during the Christmas hols.

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