A – Z of 2015

2015 has been a busy year for Kings and Greens so we thought we’d sum it all up with an A-Z of the highlights.


We couldn’t really have a post without mentioning our favourite food. Toast topper, cheesecake filling and T-shirt slogan, the humble avocado has served us well through 2015 and we’ve perfected the ultimate guacamole recipe.



The most important meal of the day has taken on many forms throughout 2015. We experimented with rye bread toppings in Feb (check them out here), enjoyed many a bircher throughout the warmer months (recipe ideas here) and packed our porridge full of protein as it got colder (see September’s porridge post).

unnamed (4)

Coconut water.

Sipping it through a straw in Sri Lanka and then at Tanya’s in Chelsea were real highlights although Tesco’s bottled version has seen us through some thirsty times.



Speaking of Tanya’s, we had the best dessert of the year (raw strawberry cheesecake) on our London trip in September . Other highlights include the vegan cakes we enjoyed in Hebden Bridge on our Mothers’ Day visit and Teacup’s pistachio cake which has been inhaled on about three occasions over 2015.  Some of our healthy alternative desserts are on this GBBO inspired post.



Although running has been the main player this year, 2015 has seen us try our hand at other sports. Cycling, bouldering, gym sessions and at-home DVDs have enabled us to mix things up a bit.



We started the year on a high with Christmas vouchers from Sandy for Ribby Hall, then treated ourselves at Champneys with the Naughtons and the year has been rounded off nicely with a treatment at Titanic Spa.

unnamed (22)


We’ve sampled a selection of granolas from Primrose Kitchen, piled our bowls high with the stuff on holiday in Italy and made our own buckwheat and ginger granola from Deliciously Ella and Honestly Healthy’s nutty granola with cashew cream.

unnamed (6)


Home-grown veg.

Ric’s had his allotment since last year and Jak got his earlier this year so we’ve reaped the rewards of them throughout 2015. Spring saw strawberries and purple-sprouting broccoli, summer gave us tomatoes, courgettes and potatoes and we’ve ended the year with onions and leeks.



This has been a great way to keep in touch with fellow healthy eaters, make new friends, find new recipe ideas and be inspired by all the amazing health nuts out there!


Juice, baby!

We’ve been drinking our greens throughout 2015 and made the most of our London trip by stocking up on juices from Juice, Baby and The Good Life Eatery to see us through the following week.

juice baby

Kings and Greens.

It’s almost been a year since things kicked off as we first started the blog on February 2nd 2015 after umming and ahhing about it for months. Check out our first ever blog post here


Lake District visits.

We’ve spent many a day in the tiny village of Caldbeck during 2015, as this is where Jak completed his second ultra of the year. We also managed to squeeze in a visit to our Dad’s to see the Boot gang on a few occasions.


Although we haven’t done an actual marathon in 2015 we did the ultra back in March and completed Blackpool half in February as training for the ultra. Plus we’ve had marathons of the Netflix variety with some of our faves being OITNB, Dexter, House of Cards and Grace and Frankie.


Nut butters.

From peanut butter on toast to almond butter smoothies, these nut butters have been  a firm favourite in 2015.

unnamed (2)

Online grocery shopping.

Ali’s been championing Ocado’s home deliveries for months now and we’ve both been regularly stocking up on healthy essentials from amazon.



The quest to meet our macros has been ongoing through 2015 and giving up meat has urged us to find alternative sources of protein. Lentils, nuts and beans have served us well and made us much more imaginative in the kitchen.



until a few weeks ago this would have been dedicated to quinoa but that’s been demoted to our second favourite Q word after the birth of Quincy 2 weeks ago. We’ll have her batch cooking and signed up to a marathon in no time!


Running challenges.

Aside from the ultra and the half marathon, we’ve completed a 10k, supported our friends (and Jak) through various races and set monthly goals to keep us going.



Slogan Ts.

Our penchant for wearing our hearts on our chests started in September 2014 when I received the Kale jumper from Ali for my 3oth and has gone from strength to strength in 2015.

sloag T


We’ve sipped our way through the year with some amazing teas from matcha to mint at various tea rooms as well as having a guided tour of a tea factory in Sri Lanka


Ultra marathon training.

This took up the majority of the first quarter of 2015 and I think we might have mentioned that we ran Canalathon back in March?


Vegetarian alternatives.

2015 has seen us tweak many a meaty feast into a veggie delight. Lentil Bolognese, chilli-con-quinoa and the ultimate veggie burger have been some of our faves. More thoughts on the veggie life here.

unnamed (3)

Weight-loss stories.

Telling ours back in February this year has resulted in our highest number of views to date on the blog. Check it out here if you missed it first time around.

march 2007

Xmas running.

Deciding to run every day in December has really kept me going through the festive period and the highlight was running (pun intended) into our friend Sarah on Christmas Day morning. We were both dressed for the occasion so took the opportunity for a snap!

xmas running


Our friend Terri and I gave this a go a few times over 2015 and although we never found a class that suited us we enjoyed trying something new and it was a good way to bring some calm into our busy lives.



Using poetic licence here as I was struggling with the letter Z. We’ve enjoyed courgettes in many forms throughout 2015: courgetti, courette and halloumi falafel, courgette fries. Looking forward to experimenting some more in 2016.


And that’s yer lot! Thanks to everyone who has read, enjoyed and commented on the blog in 2015. We’ve loved writing it and long may it continue. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016!


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