This month we’re…


  1. Awaiting… the next seasons of some of our favourite shows. Fingers crossed 2016 brings back new instalments of Grace and Frankie, OITNB, Catastrophe and The Affair to name but a few.
  2. Visiting… some new eating hotspots we’ve been meaning to try. Number one on the list is Lolo’s in Ramsbottom, a vegan restaurant that opened its doors a few weeks ago.
  3. Booking… a challenge of some sort. Currently scrolling through Spring marathons and half marathons to get the training up and running (excuse the pun).
  4. Researching… into nutrition courses to get more clued up on things. Anyone know of any decent local ones?
  5. Dusting… off our dancing shoes and watching our 2015 faves in the Strictly Come Dancing live tour. Looking forward to getting our Gleb fix since he left our screens last month.
  6. Clocking… up the calories on my new Jawbone I got for Christmas. We also got Sandy a Fitbit so along with Ali’s Nike+ Fuelband we’ve got most fitness trackers covered.
  7. Juicing… with this new Philip’s juicer I got Ali for Christmas. No better way to beat the post-Christmas blues than a nutrient packed homemade juice.
  8. Wearing… our superfoods on our chests with this jumper that Ric bought Ali for Christmas.
  9. Smelling… our new Diptyque candles that Sandy got us for Christmas. Now she’s a dab hand at online shopping she’s excelling herself in her choice of gifts.


Photos taken from Pinterest, Lolo’s website and


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