Back on the lorry: project baby weight begins

Six weeks after having a baby I am clambering back onto the wagon (or lorry) so I thought it was time to share.

I tried for one of those mythical smug pregnancies where you sip green juices, crave fresh fruit and pat your neat little bump but the reality was more of a halfway house.


I did eat mostly healthy meals because I didn’t want to deprive the baby of all nutrition plus I genuinely do prefer them, but it wasn’t all quinoa and smoothies and I will admit two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s sneaked their way into my weekly Ocado basket for the last few months and were wolfed down every weekend (Peanut Butter Cup; thanks for the memories).


Neither of us will ever be the naturally skinny types so I’m not in the least bit surprised I find myself with about three stones to lose now the bump has (kind of) gone and I can bend down again.


7pm on a pregnant Saturday night.

Despite not having a totally healthy pregnancy I did try and stick to the following to keep a lid on things (and with 3st to lose I dread to think what I would’ve been capable of in the weight gain stakes without these ground rules):



Trying to run with enormous boobs at about 12 weeks

For the first 16 weeks I tried to keep running a few times a week but quit when it was just too hard thanks to gigantic boobs and general sluggishness. Anyone who managed longer, respect!



Facing the daily drizzle

After this I started swimming a few times a week then upped the dog walks so I was out up to two hours a day – this I kept up right until the bitter end, trekking out in daily downpours listening to hours and hours of Desert Island Discs.

Five a day


However much crap I ate I tried to make sure I got my five a day so some nutrition wormed its way to the baby. When I couldn’t face veg-packed dinners in the beige days of the first trimester I ate a lot of fruit; when I couldn’t be arsed cooking I necked green smoothies and on the (many) occasions I could only be bothered eating pasta I packed plenty of veg in, even if it was just handfuls of spinach and frozen peas.

Keep it brown. I ate way more bread and pasta than I normally would but I made sure it was wholegrain/wholewheat.

Weekend treats.


OK, so this fell by the wayside in the last leg but for the most part I attempted to save treats like cake, chocolate and all that Ben and Jerry’s for weekends so I didn’t feel like a complete binge zone.

Healthier convenience food. When I didn’t have the energy to cook I cut corners without succumbing to absolute crap. Things like Cauldron falafels instead of my usual homemade ones, shop bought hummus, veggie burgers and stir fry sauces – I always checked the ingredients for the healthiest option and the good news is there are plenty out there now, especially if you’re a posh Ocado bastard like me.

Minimal fast food.


I will admit to the very occasional takeaway (I’m talking three or four over the course of 9 months) which is normally unheard of in my house, but most weekends I had homemade pizzas rather than the “grease is the word” takeout kind (I’m not dissing those – in our book there is no such thing as a bad pizza).

Still, here I am with a decent amount of weight to lose so this is how I have set about losing it…

MyFitnessPal. I’m back – add us if you are fellow users: alibongo81 and charliequeso

Batch cooking. I don’t have huge amounts of spare time nowadays but I am able to batch cook at weekends and some evenings (I often cook two meals at once in the evening if I can) so I have plenty of ready made meals I can just reheat.

Breastfeeding. They say it burns upwards of 500 cals which I will admit is my main incentive here.

Running. After a six week check up with the GP last week I was given the all clear to hit the pavements. I took myself off to DW to purchase the world’s biggest sports bra (which they use to cover Connecticut when it rains) and made my debut last weekend with a couple of early morning 2.5 milers while the baby snoozed with her dad. Getting out of bed early after a night of broken sleep wasn’t much fun but as an early bird anyway this is my favourite time to run, plus it’s the only option that works at the mo. It wasn’t quite as hard as I feared so I’m gearing up to attempt the Ron Hill 10k in a month’s time.

Walking. Having a dog means I can’t get away with sitting in my dressing gown all day even if I wanted to (I don’t) so every day I get the baby wrapped up in the pram and trek to the park with the dog.

Keeping busy. Being home alone can be terrible for my eating habits as I can prowl the cupboards if I’m not careful, so I’ve been keeping as busy as I can with baby groups, walks and coffee dates.

Buggy fitness. Next week I plan to start buggy fitness classes put on in my area by Active Mums, whose FB page I’ve been following since I was pregnant and counting down the days until I could exercise again. They’re cheap and you can bring the baby along for the ride – so no excuses.

I’ve lost about half a stone in the first month since we’ve been officially home so although it’s now coming off more slowly I’m optimistic and trying my hardest to keep at it.

I will keep blogging about how it’s going in the hope some fellow new mums will reassure me they’re in the same boat and the rest of you will spur me on with your fitness tales.

If you have any advice or tips please share them in the comments!


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