Kale Me Now: 5 ways to enjoy everyone’s favourite superfood

Kale was definitely one of the biggest crazes of 2015 and is still one of our favourite superfoods (as well as number 1 fashion statement). High in fibre and iron and packed full of vitamins it’s clear that kale is for life, not just for your jumper. Following a recent Facebook exchange between some friends it appears not everyone has been won over by the taste of it so we thought we’d put together our fave ways to eat it.

PicMonkey Collage

Slogan overkale?


1. Kale pesto

You can pretty much whizz anything up into a pesto and kale makes a great one. Just pop a few handfuls into a blender with a drizzle of oil, a few nuts (Brazil or pine work well) and a squeeze of lemon and then stir into your pasta ( or courgetti if you’re feeling extra healthy)

2. Kale chips

These are a great alternative to the usual weekend snacking (although the word ‘chips’ does slightly overpromise) and are so easy to make. Drizzle in coconut or olive oil, season and sprinkle on some chilli flakes then pop in the oven for 5-10 minutes. I can’t promise you’ll be ditching the Doritos but they can satisfy a salty snack craving. Marks and Spencer do a ready-made version if you want a healthier alternative to crisps when you’re grabbing lunch on the go.

3. Kale salad.

This became a staple during the 5:2 days and Deliciously Ella has a really good salad dressing to go with it here. Perfect for a low cal lunch or a simple side to any main.

4. Roast kale and paneer.

I got this recipe from a friend a few weeks ago and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. Coat a pack of paneer and a cauliflower cut into florets in a garam masala paste then roast for 20 mins, adding the kale, some chickpeas and dried mango for another 10 mins. Batch it up and it makes a quick and easy lunch or tea throughout the week.

kale paneer.png

5. Kale smoothie.

This one is kinda cheating as this post was meant to be about celebrating the taste of kale, but if you still can’t stand it but want to make the most of its many nutritional benefits (here comes the science bit, concentrate) then a smoothie is the best way to go. Whizz up with some almond milk, banana, cinnamon, PB and some honey or agave if you need to sweeten it up.

kale smoothie.png

Matcha side optional


We’re always up for new recipes so let us know if you have any more suggestions!


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