Batch boredom: 5 ideas to get out of a recipe rut

Every Sunday we do a big batch cook but lately we’ve developed #batchboredom (not an actual thing, I just checked) so we need inspiration to keep our easy weeknight meals interesting.

The requirements are always the same – healthy, easy, quick and tasty. Easy weeknight assembly is a must because with work, baby bedtime routines and workouts we just can’t be bothered messing around in the kitchen for longer than necessary.

It’s also got to be cheap because at the moment we are both on major budget drives after buying new houses (have we mentioned that? Eye roll emoji).

I’ve written this post to force myself to hunt around for new ideas and to ask everyone to send us their own batch secrets – so here are a few things I’m going to try.

Deliciously Ella’s chickpea, turmeric and quinoa curry


PIC: Clare Winfield via

I always make some kind of chickpea/lentil/coconut milk-type of curry so this is the latest incarnation I’m going to try.

Jamie Oliver’s best vegan burger



Veggie burgers are a staple for us and I am always looking for a new recipe to try.

Long recipes and obscure ingredients are an instant click-off for me – I’ve used this BBC Good Food Mexican Bean Burger recipe nearly every week for years because I can throw it all in the food processor and it’s oven-ready in seconds – so this looks simple enough to pass the test (minus the coriander).

Green lentil risotto



I’m a big fan of a non-traditional “risotto” and have tried quinoa, millet, buckwheat and brown rice versions, so green lentils are next on the list. As they don’t turn to mush like their little red compadres, they should work well in a risotto scenario.

Budget-friendly too, as I’ve just added a big bag to next week’s Ocado delivery to use in my usual veggie chilli (which I’ve shared so many times I’ve bored myself, so if you have a good alternative to that, please share it in the comments).

Coconut and broccoli soup



Usually any soups I make during the frantic Sunday batch cooking hour/baby naptime are a “throw it all in” affair but occasionally I follow a recipe to stop it tasting the same every week. This looks easy and I love anything with coconut milk (despite loathing anything entitled “detox”).

Quick courgette ratatouille


PIC: Issy Croker for the Guardian

The first sentence of the Guardian article this Anna Jones recipe came from pretty much sums up my attitude to cooking post-baby and it’s been published online the day I’m writing this so it’s meant to be.

I’ve made a few of Anna Jones’ traybake-style recipes from her two cookbooks and they’ve been a bit of a revelation (as has her use of jars of roasted peppers which I never considered until reading her books). This one looks easy and tasty and could be served alongside potato wedges, pittas, as a sweet potato topping or on its own for work lunches.

So… over to you. Please share your favourite veggie-friendly batch cookable recipes and help us kick #batchboredom (or at least make it a thing).


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