Month 1 : It’s The Climb 

Before getting pregnant I was a self confessed kale-smoothie-drinking marathon-running health freak (with the weekend wine and pizza for rewards obv). Then suddenly the sight of an avocado made me want to puke and all I could stomach was beige. I found myself shunning the quinoa salad and sneaking down to the school canteen for a cheese sandwich and chips (once I announced my pregnancy there was a resounding ‘ahhhh that’s why you’ve been at the canteen so much’ from most of my colleagues and a ‘yeah I guessed it when you got white buttered toast at break time’ from the eagle eyed amongst them.) I’d always told myself I would be sooo healthy when I was pregnant because, yano, I’m responsible for growing a human yet I found myself dodging as much veg and salad as my childhood self would be proud of. 

As Ric did the majority of the shopping at first I regularly shouted after him ‘get some biscuits for the guests!’ which I then ploughed my way through completely on my own before they’d even arrived with the excuse that I’m breastfeeding so need the extra calories. 

It’s been great sitting around watching Friends (could I be watching any more episodes) eating entire packs of biscuits to myself and pretending the outside world doesn’t exist but enough’s enough and I’ve decided as my baby turns 4 weeks this Friday it’s time to do something about it. I’d love to say I just want to be healthy and I’m happy for my body to be different now I’ve had a baby and I totally respect new mums who feel that way, but it’s also ok to want to look like your previous self and be back in those nice little skirts and dresses you bought pre-baby. I listened to Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast with Clemmie Hooper and they were discussing Cheryl’s post baby body, and while they were applauding how great she looks they were saying it’s a shame she’s hidden away until she looks that good rather than showing the journey she’s been on. So I unfortunately won’t get the number of followers Chezza has but I will post the journey, or as we prefer to call it from our weight watcher days ‘the climb’ (referring to the awesome Miley Cyrus song, that is now my soundtrack for the next few months. Feel free to listen to it on Spotify while reading future posts from me). 

I haven’t had the go ahead from the doctors to exercise yet and I can’t diet because I’m breastfeeding so it’s going to be slow and steady. I’m recording what I eat on myfitnesspal (follow me and feel free to comment if I go off track please – my username is CharlieQueso) and aiming to get as many pram steps in as I can while I wait to get back in the gym


Will report back next month and let you know how it goes! 


3 thoughts on “Month 1 : It’s The Climb 

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