This month we’re…

Wearing… These red buckle Missguided boots. My plan is to invest in noticeable footwear to distract from the mum tum for the time being (hence the bright silver boots at a christening last weekend) and these were a bargain at £20. Topshop do a similar version for £50 but my mat leave budget forced me to shop around a bit. 

Revisiting… Mackie Mayor in Manchester. I went after it had only been open a few days with a grumpy baby and an even grumpier boyfriend and it was ridiculously busy which put me off it a bit so I’m giving it another go now it’s been open longer I’m hoping it’s less busy. I had a really tasty cake there last time and have been craving one of their baos ever since. 

Using… This grey side table for my many coffees after the sleepless nights. Another mat leave budget buy, I’d love to say it was from a cool independent furniture shop or upcycled from a charity shop but it’s good old Home Bargains. It went down so well I went to get another one the next day. 

Watching… Divorce on Sky Atlanic thanks to my Now TV box. Anything written by Sharon Horgan is going to be a winner for me and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s weirdly funny in a Catastrophe way and it’s nice to see SJP rocking some amazing outfits once again without having to endure her annoying Carrie-isms.

Listening… To Dirty John. This podcast is about a guy in his 50s who seduces women and isn’t what he seems, it’s the latest Serial-type bingeworthy listen and has been keeping Ali company on her lunchtime walks. 

Investing… In Good American jeans. The jeans are all inclusive so they do sizes 00 to 24 and they have all different sized models wearing them on the website, which you can click through to see how it would suit your shape. More expensive than her usual jean (circa £150) but Ali’s trying to invest in more of a capsule wardrobe now she’s in her late thirties. 

Applying… This Fenty lipgloss from Rhianna’s makeup range. Another all inclusive range with 40 foundation shades, I wanted to get something for Ali’s birthday and while the whole range is cruelty free this was one of the only vegan products which made my decision making much easier. 

Researching… Some artichoke recipies. Jak’s dug a load up from the garden and it’s not something we’ve cooked with much before so hit us up with any recipe suggestions! 

Sipping.. Nettle beer. Finally some of Jak’s foraging that we can really get on board with! This is the latest step in their Good Life transformation and it went down so well we’re already asking him to make some more. Surely this is the closest you can get to healthy boozing? 


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