A-Z of 2017

A… Apple cider vinegar. I started 2017 in usual detox fashion with a shot of ACV every morning. We did a blog post extolling the virtues of this here. It’s not known for its tasty properties but I found it unusually hard to stomach, but there was actually something else causing the nausea. Which leads us on to… 

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B… Baby weight. I started blogging about my post baby weight loss journey for a guest blog post for instamum Mother Freckle here and have been updating you all monthly with the progress. I’ve lost over a stone so far and got about another to go. Month 1 and 2 can be found here and here and month 3 will be on the blog soon. 

C… Cardio. Although we’ve started to mix things up a lot in recent years with weights we still keep up with the cardio and it’s come in various forms over 2017 including Body Combat, spin, running and walking. Although most of my pregnant cardio was walking upstairs and getting out of bed. 

D… Dillon Piper aka Baby KK aka Dilly Pip. Arriving on 29th September after a loooong labour she’s finally here to give Quincy some light relief from a world of adults now she’s got her own real life doll to play with. 

E… Eating. Our favourite hobby continued throughout 2017 with some amazing food venues. August saw us dining at The Forest Side in Grasmere with a 5 course taster menu (vegan option available) for our stepdad’s birthday. You can even look around the impressive garden where they grow all their own fruit and veg. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve got a special celebration coming up or if you just fancy being fancy. 

F… Foraging. Jak’s foraging has been the basis of many things in 2017 including lots of berry crumbles and more importantly a wide selection of alcohol such as rose hip, blackberry and elderberry gin and nettle beer. Although I didn’t get to taste any in 2017 so I hope that changes this year. 

G… Gyms. I started 2017 with a bumper gym weekend at my gym’s open weekend. Like a super fan I attended most of the classes that weekend and wrote about them here. Although I didn’t go as often when I was pregnant I’ve been back on it since then and Ali has been a regular 6 am gym goer at her local gym since she joined a couple of months back.  

H… Honey. To complete their ‘The Good Life’ transformation Ali and Jak got bees this year to join their mini farmyard. Although there have been a few serious stings here and there we reaped the rewards with jars of raw honey a couple of months ago which has adorned my porridge ever since. 

I… Instagram has continued to be our favourite social media platform this year and we’ve loved keeping up to date with our favourite bloggers and grammers on there. We’ve also found out about new places to eat and things to do via insta posts and insta stories and look forward to even more recommendations in 2018. 

J… Junk food. It’s been a surprise revelation to discover some accidentally vegan junk food and snacks such as Oreos, garlic baguettes and bacon crisps (IKR!). Who says vegans have to be healthy all the time? 

K… Kids’ clothes. Having a pretty serious shopping habit already means it’s just doubled this year now I have a little one to buy for too. With having a girl I just find myself buying things I would wear including some slogan tops and matching outfits which I’m going to keep her wearing until she realises it’s not cool to dress like your mum. 

L… Little Barista in Burnley has become a favourite spot of ours for their range of vegan cakes and milks. It’s not often Ali has been spoilt for choice cake wise throughout 2017 so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re giving Veganuary a go and are worrying about the lack of cakes. 

M… Maternity leave. This started at the beginning of September and I did wonder how I’d fill the time and actually missed work at first but now I genuinely don’t know how I fit work in. As well as the many coffees and lunches (shout out to the mat leave crew) I have tried to keep it healthy with lots of walking, buggy boot camp and not getting a cake every time I get a coffee. 

N… Natural products. After years of healthy eating, 2017 became the year we focused on what went on and around our bodies rather than just in them with cruelty free and natural beauty products (Sukin, Barry M and Superdrug own range both recommended) and cleaning products (Method do a great range) 

Photo from Pinterest

O… Old friends. My resolution every year is to keep in touch with old friends and get back in touch with ones who I haven’t see for a while and I managed to do it this year! I met a friend from uni for afternoon tea and caught up with 2 old school friends for lunch. Here’s hoping 2018 brings some more reunions. 

P… Pregnancy cravings. Like a fraud to the Kings and Greens name I felt sick at the sight of an avocado throughout most of 2017 and the only salad I consumed was reluctantly stuffed into my cheese sandwiches. I feared I’d never want to eat healthily again but luckily I was back on it shortly after giving birth and over a stone lighter for it. 

Q… Quick workouts. Gone are the days we can pound the payments for hours on end and I’m pretty glad about that. We’ve both been fans of Kayla’s BBG workout which lasts around 30 minutes (unless you talk too much between sets) and we’ve recently started a 30-45 minute park workout on Saturday mornings which leaves the rest of the day free. 

R… Running. This is the first year since 2014 that one or both of us hasn’t run a marathon but we haven’t given up running entirely. Our favourite run was probably when we joined our friend Jennifer in her marathon training. She had the brilliant idea of getting people to join her for a couple of miles each during her longest training run to stop the boredom of a 22 miler. Being able to wave goodbye to her after a couple of miles was way better than doing the whole thing. 

S…  Superfood supplements. These got a whole lot more affordable in 2017 when we spotted Aldi had brought out a range. Gone are the days we’d have to get a job lot from Amazon or traipse to our nearest Holland and Barrett now we can just throw them in the trolley with our weekly shop and some random special buys. 

T… Travelling. Although I started the year with a trip to Amsterdam (not as much fun when 8 weeks pregnant FYI) we had a role reversal this year as Ali clocked up 3 holidays (I think she’s only been on 3 holidays in her lifetime prior to this) and managed to keep active during them using the Center Parcs gym, swimming in France and cycling around Madrid with a well deserved G&T afterwards. She also has some great recommendations for  healthy and vegan restaurants in Madrid if anyone is thinking of taking a trip there in 2018! 

U… Unfollowing. After Brexit in 2016 and 2017’s general election the unfollow button was pressed a few times to avoid some online confrontations. In order to keep 2018 as positive as possible there may be more unfollowing ahead to keep my news feed how I want it. 

Picture from Pinterest

V… Veganism. Having missed Veganuary in 2017 Ali decided to be late to the party with F*ck Dairy February (blog post here), which happened to last all year and now she’s a fully fledged vegan. She also blogged about 28 things she learnt since being vegan here if you wanna read more.


W… Walking. Since having the baby I’ve tried to walk as much as possible and have realised how difficult it is to get to the holy grail of 10, 000 steps. Attempting to do it has forced me to walk places I would normally drive to (ok I admit it’s usually to Costa but don’t judge me) and has made me get out the house when I really CBA.  

X… Xmas dinner, vegan style. Ali and Jak proved you don’t need to kill a big bird to have a good meal of Christmas Day with artichoke soup (with homegrown artichokes obvs) and homemade bread followed by a mushroom and nut Wellington. Even the meat eaters were impressed! 

Y… Yo Sushi. I have craved this most of 2017 (typically always wanting what I can’t have) so made sure I hotfooted it there as soon as I wasn’t pregnant (well not straight away but I didn’t waste much time). While I was there I noticed they have loads more veggie and vegan options than when I last went so I think we’ll be going more often (plus you can’t beat a Blue Monday offer on mat leave) 

Z… Zzzzz. I’m not getting as much of this I used to but I must admit DP is a great little sleeper so I can’t complain. We use This Works Sleepy Body Wash on her in the bath and Ali swears by the pillow spray so worth checking out if you’re a difficult sleeper or you’ve got a little one keeping you awake! 


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