Month 2: Walk This Weigh

Calories: 1, 701 per day average 

Steps: 6, 736 per day average 

Lbs lost: 7 

Well it’s been a month since I started my weight loss journey (somebody please give me a better word for it than that, it makes me sound so X factor) and I know all (3) of our readers are desperate for an update so who am I to deprive you of that? (If you missed month 1 catch it here.) 

Haven’t taught Dillon how to tidy her bedroom yet πŸ™„

I started the month on 2,000 cals on mfp and did a sterling job of meeting my calorie goal each day. After years of 1,200-1,500 it seemed like such a treat to have an extra couple of hundred every day. This worked well with my many mat leave meet ups and coincided with the free flapjack with every coffee after mini massage (they really know how to lure the sleep deprived maternity pay mums in). I did the classic mfp trick of finding the lowest calorie flapjack option and logging it as that which did me no favours come weigh in but we all do that right? 

If you haven’t already you’ve gotta try Costa’s ‘nuts about Christmas’ brownie

The goal of 10,000 steps a day wasn’t always reached but aiming for it made sure I got out the house most days. It gave me chance to listen to some great podcasts (Dirty John and The High Low are definitely worth a listen) and given the abundance of Costas in my town I made sure I included a quick visit in most of my walks. An extra work out came from a Challenge Anneka style ‘how much can I buy from Aldi and fit in the bottom of the pram’ then pushing it up my incredibly steep street. I also managed a snail’s pace run to the park and back with boobs strapped down with 2 sports bras and my pregnancy gym pants on. I managed 2 miles and probably would’ve done 1 more had my phone battery not died. We all know if you can’t log it it didn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong though, some days I stayed in and completed some Grey’s Anatomy marathons (I’ve smashed 3 seasons in as many weeks so it’s not all smug step counts round here) but it’s all about balance amirite? 

Hair on fleek

Could I BE more basic bitch?

I’m pretty pleased with the weight loss but three weeks in it was a different story. I did an SP (sneaky peak – we have a lot of weight loss abreevs after years of doing this) 3 weeks in and had lost 4lbs, which I was quite pleased with but I’m calling bullshit on this ‘the weight will fall off with breastfeeding’ rumour. The final week I switched down to 1,500 cals and started carb cycling which gave a whopping 3lb in the final week almost doubling the last 3 weeks. 

So for month 3 the tactics have changed. As well as fewer cals and carb cycling I’ve made my return to the gym (weirdly there were no brass bands or welcome back banners when I crept back in last Friday). Will let you know how effective the new plan is with a Christmas update, before the pounds get piled on again over the festive period. 


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