This month we’re…


Eating… At vegan and veggie cafe 160 in Burnley. It’s so good (but also quite overwhelming!) to look at a menu and be able to choose anything. I went for the feta salad while Ali had vegan spelt pasta with miso hollandaise and we shared THE best chips ever! We both followed with a huge slice of vegan bubblegum and raspberry cake. I dare you to go there and tell us vegan food is boring! 

Wearing… This ASOS rainbow striped jumper. The rainbow trend is huge ATM all thanks to the likes of Holly, Fearne, Zoella and my number 1 girl crush Megan Ellaby (who has this actual jumper NBD but we actually wore them on the same day last week) and it shows no sign of slowing down – check my new insta @chic_as_chips for even more ways to wear the rainbow. 

Watching… The Good Place on Netflix. We might be a bit late to the game here but we’re loving this. It starts off similar to one of the shinier versions of Black Mirror but there are so many lols along the away. Anything with Jack from 3 men and a baby, a handful of Friends references and a new hottie to feast our eyes on (hellooooo Manny Jacinto) is a clear winner! 


Exercising… With a baby on board! I’ve been a regular at Tone Zone at Haslingden sports centre recently as it’s an exercise class with a crΓ¨che in the corner and staff to look after your kiddies. They have plenty of toys for the toddlers and do a really good job of looking after the little ones while the mums work out to a different exercise each time, including step, circuits, kettle bells and more. 

Drinking… Costa’s coconut latte. Ali has reached peak “the only vegan in the village” as the woman at Accrington Costa now makes her soya latte as soon as she walks through the door so she’s struggling to get her hands on one but my lack of predictability has meant I’ve managed to have one and it was really good. We’ll have to defect to another branch soon so Ali can taste one! 


Making… My all time favourite 3 ingredient protein pancakes from hurry the food up for pancake day. These are so tasty they don’t feel like you’re missing out on your usual batter and you can always go naughty with the toppings.


Celebrating… Ali’s Veganiversary! It’s been a whole year since she decided to take the plunge (read her previous blog posts here and here) and in that year she’s really noticed a difference in how mainstream vegan options now are with most cafes offering alt milks, a vegan cake at Costa and supermarkets starting to increase (and actually label) their vegan products.


Playing… Some alternative party games when our friends come round for games night. I got ‘Most likely to…’ for Christmas last year. It’s a game where you have to choose one of your friends who you think would be most likely to do certain things (own a sex toy / cheat in an exam / buy likes on Instagram). A perfect way to start some games night fall outs! I also got ‘What do you meme’ for my birthday which is perfectly described as “A millennial card game for millenialls and their millenial friends”, need I say more? Move over Cards against Humanity there’s some more controversial card games in town. 


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