About us

Who we are

Kings and Greens is here to motivate you to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, lose weight and keep it off, take up exercise and make all of these things really work for you on a daily basis without boring you stupid. We love talking about food and fitness and want to share our real life experiences with you.

Kings and Greens is the blogospheric incarnation of the never-ending what’s app conversation between us, Ali and Chaz King.

Sisters, runners, health freaks, cake fiends, charity shop bag ladies, celebrity bitchers… we are those irritants who Snapchat every meal and pore over Instagram filters before tucking into a feast. Invariably fit for A (and C) King.

Spending years calorie counting, point calculating, fat dodging, binge eating and living that all-too familiar Catch-22 of weekday starvation and weekend splurges somehow led us to an epiphany over the course of a year or so (we realise epiphanies normally occur more instantaneously but it was a slow burner).

We always used to hear that old chestnut about healthiness being a ‘lifestyle’ but it never seemed to click. We’re still not sure how it finally did, but it involved a bit of marathon training, a lot of meat shunning and a few arguments (the pass-agg, silently sorted out sister kind) before we woke up and smelled the cacao.

What we eat

This is not a completely veggie, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free saintly sort of blog but we mostly follow a veggie and plant-based lifestyle in our day-to-day eating and cooking.

Sometimes we eat fish and Chaz occasionally eats meat, but the majority of the food we talk about and eat is vegetarian or vegan (if you like those kind of titles). A lot of it is gluten-free, but we are not complete wheat-phobes.

Far from being experts, we’re just really into being as healthy as possible without it being boring, time-consuming or labour-intensive. We love eating natural whole foods because they make us feel and look better, but we’re by no means purists. We are religious weekend cake guzzlers in between creating our own sugar-free treats and we drink enough red wine to make the actual health gurus shudder, but usually save it for the weekend.

After years of yo-yoing we are generally trying to have a ‘normal’, balanced approach to food and life (whatever that is). Constantly striving to get the hang of moderation. Come along for the ride.

Ali and Chaz x



2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Loving this!! I’m hoping you can get me off the couch too! How did you get into the running gig?? Is Lycra compulsory?? So many questions.


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